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Employee Profile

The Employee Profile feature allows administrators or HR professionals to create and manage individual profiles for each employee within the organization. This feature serves as a centralized hub for storing and organizing employee information, facilitating efficient HR processes and effective employee management.

Employee Profile
Employee Profile details

Employment Details

Employment details are located in each employees’ individual profiles, showing allocated teams, locations, line managers, direct reports, leave approvers, and more.

Personal Details

Employee profiles contain a comprehensive set of employment details, including assigned teams, office locations, line managers, direct reports, leave approvers, and other relevant information.

Custom Fields

Custom fields can be created and renamed to capture additional employee information. These fields can also be included in reports for further analysis

Innovations for a Changing HR Landscape

The workplace is evolving—how and where people work, and the skills required, are constantly shifting. How do you keep up with these changes? Introducing Gallery HR Human Resource Management (HRM).

Skill-Based Talent Strategy

Our machine learning technology helps you identify your workforce’s current skills and develop talent to meet future needs.

Employee-Centric Experiences

From capturing employee feedback to creating engaging workplace experiences, we help you keep your workforce satisfied and motivated.

Data-Driven People Analytics

Our augmented analytics extract insights from large datasets, presenting them as easy-to-understand narratives that inform your HR decisions.

Automated Processes for Efficiency

We offer intelligent automation across the attract-to-pay spectrum, reducing manual tasks and allowing your team to focus on higher-value work.