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Streamline your performance appraisal process with our HRIS performance appraisal module. Manage performance goals, conduct reviews, and generate reports for a more efficient and objective evaluation. Drive continuous improvement and boost employee engagement.

Performance Dimension

The various aspects or metrics, such as speed, accuracy, reliability, efficiency, and scalability, are used to evaluate an individual’s, team’s, or organization’s performance.

Summary Rating

The process of evaluating and summarizing an individual’s performance over a given period, which includes assessment, evaluation, feedback, improvement, and recognition.


Objectives or targets set by individuals, teams, or organizations that align with their overall mission and vision, and help focus efforts, allocate resources and measure success.


Refers to an individual’s skill, ability, proficiency, expertise, and aptitude in a specific area or domain, which can be developed through training, experience, and education, and used to support career advancement and professional development.